SEO codelabs for developers

SEO and web development are two ingredients to successful websites, if done right.
As one of my goals this year is to make SEO more approachable to web developers,
I wanted to create interactive tutorials to help everyone who wants to learn more
about how to make websites more discoverable via Search and I believe codelabs are
a great way to do that, so I sat together with Lizzi
to create a few codelabs!

Our brand new codelabs

Try the codelabs right from your browser!

We came up with two completely fresh codelabs that we're pretty proud of:

We also took a look at the existing structured data codelab and updated it, so check out the Structured Data codelab, too!
Each codelab allows you to let us know if there's something that needs improvement and we're happy to hear your feedback on Twitter!

I'd like to also thank the amazing Webmaster Product Experts (PEs) and Google Developer Experts (GDEs) for their help with testing the codelabs and giving us invaluable feedback.
Without their help and input, these codelabs wouldn't have gotten into the great shape they're in today!

If you're at Google I/O this year, you can also go and do the codelabs there!

Have fun and enjoy :)