Developer tools for Google Search

Debugging SEO issues for web developers

Why organic search matters

According to a BrightEdge analysis, organic search traffic makes up 53% of the traffic to a website on average.

Developers and SEO

As developers, we influence how search engines can process & present our website.

Technical SEO focuses on how search engines can crawl and index your website efficiently.

Lighthouse SEO audits

Lighthouse includes basic checks for common SEO issues.

Use this to do a first quick investigation of your web pages.

Mobile-friendly test

Use the testing tools to check how Googlebot sees your pages.

Check the rendered HTML to see if your content is available to Googlebot.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free toolbox to monitor and check your site in Google Search.

It contains reports, testing tools and sends you notifications on your site.

URL inspection tool

The URL inspection tool is part of Google Search Console.

It shows you the status of an individual URL of your site in Google Search.

Core Web Vitals Report

Also part of Google Search Console, it tells you which pages need improvement.

It uses the core web vitals to determine page speed.

Build your toolbox

As we've explored in this story, there are a variety of tools for debugging SEO issues.

Make them part of your development workflow and use them throughout the process.

  • Use lighthouse during development
  • Use the search testing tools when staging
  • Use Google Search Console to monitor & debug