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Understanding different number systems

We are all familiar with the decimal system: ten symbols (0-9) combined in long rows form our way of expressing numbers. But nothing about that is a "natural" quality or necessity. Sometimes it is more useful to use other systems, such as binary and hexadecimal to express numbers.
Unfortunately, converting them between the different number systems seems tricky if not impermeable at first. Let me try to shine some light on it with this article!
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HTML, DOM and JavaScript unraveled

Today, the different web technologies may be a little too much to take in at first and it won't get easier as things such as the Shadow DOM is added and frameworks and libraries may bring a Virtual DOM along. So let's dive right in an have a look at the different bits and pieces that are at play here.
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The overwhelming web

There's a wave of fatigues among web developers: Framework fatigue, JavaScript fatigue, Tool fatigue - where does that come from? And: Is being a beginner in web development really harder than back in The Old Days™? I don't think so and the fatigue might be a warning indicator...
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Slick and slf4j MDC logging in Scala

Logging and debugging in multi-user applications, such as servers, can be hard without context. MDC logging allows log messages to retain context without a hassle, but this only works within a single thread. We will examine how to make MDC logging work across multiple threads and especially how MDC logging works with Slick.
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Easy scaling with Docker, HAProxy and confd

Forrest is a very small shell script that binds together etcd and docker to allow easy scaling - for example with the combination of etcd + confd + HAProxy + Docker you can quickly and easily spin up a new web server instance and hook it into your load balancer.
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