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A look at how I build stuff

Last week I got inspired to learn about the Web Authentication API and write a WordPress plugin to use it for 2FA. I wanted to use the opportunities to explain how I usually build stuff and learn along the way.
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JavaScript in parallel: Web Workers, Transferrable Objects and SharedArrayBuffers

JavaScript is single-threaded, which means that long-running tasks can make our web application unresponsive. Luckily, we have Web Workers as a remedy for this - but they do require some thought on how to divide a task and how to avoid a hefty memory cost when data is copied.
This article shows how to use Web Workers and transferrable objects and a new parallel primitive: The SharedArrayBuffer. Click here to read more!

CORS - a guided tour

When making network requests in the browser to other pages or APIs, the browser enforces the Same-origin policy to protect users and their data.
But what if we want to request data from another origin? Or if we want to run an API that isn't on the same domain? Let's see what CORS is and how we can use it.
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Easy scaling with Docker, HAProxy and confd

Forrest is a very small shell script that binds together etcd and docker to allow easy scaling - for example with the combination of etcd + confd + HAProxy + Docker you can quickly and easily spin up a new web server instance and hook it into your load balancer.
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